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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would rather bring my unit in for repair at your shop. Why do I need an appointment?

A: You really don't need an appointment. You can leave your unit at the shop but if you would like to speak to a technician or would like to have the computer repaired while you wait then it is best to set up an appointment. We have techs working in the field all day and do not have a dedicated in-house technician. We recommend setting up an appointment for a tech to pick up the unit at your home. This way you can explain your issue directly to a technician.

Q: What is the average turn-around time on repairs?

A: We complete repairs the same day. We have a spare parts inventory to facilitate repairs.

Q: Why do you charge more in New York than New Jersey?

A: A tech working in New York can only complete half as many jobs as a tech in New Jersey. This difference is attributed to travel time. Also, finding parking can be time consuming and expensive.

Q: Do you repair Macs?

A: We service software issues on all Macs. However, some Macs are not designed to be field serviceable, hence, we can't replace parts. It depends on the model. Give us a call for more specifics.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: Yes.

Q: What is online remote computer support?

A: When there is a high speed internet connection available we are able to connect to your computer and repair software issues while you watch. This service is charged to your credit card. There is a minimum 1/2 hour charge for this service.

Q: How qualified are RAM Computer technicians?

A: Unlike other companies that put technicians in the field after one or two weeks of training, RAM Computer technicians must work in-house under supervision until they are proficient with our policies, procedures and service techniques. This is regardless of how much experience or certifications they have. This ensures that customers receive consistent quality service. RAM Computers places emphasis on keeping up to date with technology and is constantly retraining technicians.

Q: How soon will a technician be dispatched to my location?

A: Technicians are usually dispatched the same day. If we have a full schedule we will try to schedule you in for the following day.